Certified Yoga Instructor

Yes I’m a 50+, tree hugging, hippie freak, earth loving, alternative health mother of 3, Oma to 3 boys & partner of 30+ yrs (once cat breeder), who loves her 2 Chinese Crested four-legged friends, a minimalist who downsized 2017 to a very small house, is open-minded & has a carefree attitude … AND oh ya I do weed … one of Mother Nature’s wonderful creations!


dope BLENDED yogis


Our name is a blend of two origins, just like our yogic lifestyle.
Chi is traditional Chinese for “breath” or “air”. Often translated as life energy of a living being. The most important energy a person has.
Vakra is the Sanskrit word used to describe something which is twisted, bent, curled or coiled. ChiVakra to us means: Life Energy Twisted?

Our yogic life is also a blend; we aren’t saints by any means! Rather we consciously try to be aware of: how, what, when, where and why we do the things we do.

With the legalization of CANNABIS in Ontario on October 17, 2018;
ChiVakra brings you another blend … WEED & CHILLIN’ OUT

Ganja (cannabis) Enhanced Certified Yoga
and many other ganja gatherings

AWESOME! … I know, right?


Karaoke Leader

Who me? One sec (takes toke), I go way back in this field of green. Seriously though I ride a Yamaha V-max but do not consider myself a biker, am an amatuer photographer, the yin to her yang 30+ yrs AND I’m the first to admit being as flexible as a 2×4 … AND if I can be YOGA, so can YOU! … AND did I mention karaoke is my therapy?

Relax and chill out

with us at


Ganja gatherings start with a half-hour social where we toke, chat and get comfortable with each other as we begin to feel safe. Each gathering
covers a specific area: yoga poses (asanas), dance & movement,
meditation, sacred art, open mic/karaoke, movie nights & more.
The gathering concludes with another fifteen minutes for
a raffle draw, drinks and munchie time!

You'll never view YOGA the same again.

Feeling intrigued yet?



Pet allergy ALERT !!

ChiVakra events are held in pet friendly places. This means that either cats or dogs could be present or certainly have been. If you have allergies to these four-legged friends, please take appropriate measures. Thanks for understanding.

Is there a minimum age to attend your events?

ABSOLUTELY! – you must be age 19+ (bring ID)

Is pre-registration required?

YES – due to both the nature of our events and limited space availability at our venues registration for any event at ChiVakra is required.

Sorry but no drop-ins will be accepted.

SAFETY First & Legality Issues in brief (must read)

Upon arrival you will be asked to complete a Waiver Form (detailing our rules & regulations). From time to time this form may be changed or updated; and you will be asked to review and re-sign. However here are a couple of things you need to know before arriving at one of our events.

With relation to Yoga

Yoga includes physical exercises as well opportunities for stretching, strengthening, and deep relaxation. As is the case with any physical activity, you accept that the risk of injury (even serious injury) is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated.

Yoga is not a substitute for medical attention and it is not intended to examine, diagnose or treat any condition. Yoga is not recommended and is not safe for those with certain medical conditions. You acknowledge and affirm that you are competent to decide whether or not to participate in group or private yoga events at ChiVakra and you will make an informed choice before doing so.

You will not engage in any inappropriate conduct that could result in injury to yourself or others.

With relation to cannabis consumption (or alcohol at certain events)

Although cannabis is now legal we must all follow the same rules as with Drinking and Driving. At ChiVakra we expect all attendees to arrive safely to our events, engage in appropriate conduct during, and leave responsibly with a safe arrival back home!!


Be sure to arrange for a DD (designated driver) in advance; take the bus (within Belleville city limits buses are an option); call a taxi (we will provide phone numbers and phone if required); or simply walk (another great form of exercise). There are NO excuses.

In consideration for being permitted to participate in group or private yoga events, classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training programs, you agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which you might incur as a result of your participation including the use of cannabis and/or alcohol. In further consideration, you knowingly, voluntarily and expressly waive any claim you may have against ChiVakra, its owners, instructors, workshop and retreat presenters, independent contractors, employees, volunteers, and representatives, for any injury or damages that you may sustain as a result of your participation.

Thank you for understanding.

WARNING those darn buried emotions

It may not have occurred to you, however, cannabis can be an amazing relaxing agent and yoga exercises are also performed for the purpose of de-stressing.

Combine the two of them together and you surely have a recipe for bringing up any buried or stuck emotions that you may not even have realized were there before.

Why do I mention this? First, I’ve seen it happen several times. AND THOUGH IT IS TOTALLY COOL to cry emotions out or laugh them off, what isn’t cool is your expression of that nasty angry emotion. So it is important you are aware of this as a possibility and take appropriate measures should this occur.

The other reason I mention buried emotions coming to the surface are for those who have a hard time or an inability to deal with such emotions if they not forewarned. So please let this once again be your warning. It is all perfectly normal to feel this way and to express yourself; it may not happen at every event, it may never to you, there may be certain times of year or during the month you feel these emotions arising more or perhaps when a particular song is being played. You should just be aware that it can happen.

Are there any general rules to follow?

YES, of course. – At ChiVakra we have 2 main rules:

#1 NO always means NO (no exceptions!)

#2 Bring a non-judgmental & accepting attitude

[anyone acting in a disrespectful manner will be asked to leave immediately]

Do I have to consume cannabis at ChiVakra events?

NO – absolutely not! Some days you may wish to enhance both at home and during our social time, while other times it may feel better to go without cannabis.

Where should I consume cannabis?

We provide a half our social before the beginning of each event when cannabis may be consumed.

However, feel free to pop out for another top up at any time.

If you prefer to consume prior to your arrival, that’s ok too.

It is totally left up to the individual.

How much ganja should I consume prior to an event?

Newcomers to Ganja Yoga or new to ganja or new to yoga should consume less than their normal amount so the experience obtained is enhanced. It is always better to micro-dose and work your way from there by topping up. However, since everyone’s relationship with cannabis is quite unique, you will have to be your own judge as to how much that will be.

I've NEVER taken yoga before. Do I need experience?

No prior yoga experience is required.

At ChiVakra most events are geared towards beginners.

Each event however has a description and will clearly indicate when a particular event is for intermediate or advanced level practitioners.

I've NEVER used cannabis before but would like to. Is this for me?

Most definitely! You will find newbies to connoisseurs and everything in between. Usually in such a sharing place, we all learn something new!

We strive to create a safe environment amongst a group of like-minded, non-judgmental and open-minded individuals.

Will cannabis be supplied or do I bring my own?

We supply cannabis bud for sharing (and we do not charge for this). We also have some accessories you may wish to try like bongs and vaporizers.

However if you prefer to bring your own strain or type of cannabis [thc, cbd, edible, etc] and accessories you are most welcome.

Are yoga mats supplied or do I bring my own?

Please bring a yoga mat if you have one available.

We do have limited mats available for a $2 rental fee (just let us know when registering for an event so we can reserve it for you).

What type of drinks & munchies are offered?

We offer the following at most events:

Drinks include bottled water, coffee both regular & decaf and a selection of herbal teas.
NOTE *Specific events may have wine or other alcoholic beverages available.

As for munchies, they will always change. However we make it a point to include 1 sweet munchie, as well as 1 healthy snack. For example we may have grapes and chocolate goodies or strawberries and Timbits.

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