Certified Yoga Instructor

Yes I’m a 50+, tree hugging, hippie freak, earth loving, alternative health mother of 3, Oma to 3 boys & partner of 30+ yrs (once cat breeder), who loves her 2 Chinese Crested four-legged friends, a minimalist who lives the simple life, loves to travel, is open-minded & has a carefree attitude … AND oh ya I do weed … one of Mother Nature’s wonderful creations!


ChiVakra B & B

Leave stress behind … retreat to our B & B (bud & benefits)!

“Chi” is traditional Chinese meaning “breath” or “air”. Often translated as life energy of a living being. The most important energy a person has.
“Vakra” is the Sanskrit word used to describe something which is twisted, bent, curled or coiled. ChiVakra is: Life Energy Twisted?

Relax and chill out; we aren’t saints by any means! Rather we consciously try to be aware of: how, what, when, where and why we do the things we do. Won’t you join us on our journey for a happier, healthier life?

With the legalization of CANNABIS in Ontario on October 17, 2018;
ChiVakra creates a blissful place … smoke – chill – yoga – socialize
back to nature with ganja getaways

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AWESOME! … I know, right?


Right-Hand Man

Who me? One sec (takes toke), I go way back in this field of green. Seriously though I ride a Yamaha V-max but do not consider myself a biker, am an amatuer photographer, the yin to her yang 30+ yrs AND I’m the first to admit being as flexible as a 2×4 … AND if I can be YOGA, so can YOU! … AND did I mention karaoke is my therapy?

Relax and chill out

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